Suggested Trips

Travelers from around the world describe Lake Bled as destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Yahoo lists it as one of the 10 Most Beautiful lakes around the world, and Lonely Planet calls it magical with its fairytale island surrounded by a picturesque alpine landscape.

Visiting Bled is a chance to experience natures true beauty.

The Castle
Bled’s 11th century castle is perched 100m on a steep cliff directly above the lake shore. The castle was once housed by the Austrian Bishops of Brixen and features a museum (that can be skipped), a tiny chapel, a working printing press from Gutenberg’s time and a wine cellar. The €8 fee is worth it to explore the inside of the thousand year old castle. The castle itself can be reached by car or a hiking path for the more adventurous type. Once there, you’ll want to unpack your picnic and enjoy the breathtaking views of the glistening lake and lush green forest of the Julian Alps.
The island
Slovenia’s only island is located in Lake Bled. Visiting the tiny island is easy with various boats for hire around the lake. But, the best way is to be taken by the traditional Pletna boats. These unique, wooden boats date back to the 12th century when poor local farmers earned extra income by ferrying pilgrims to the Baroque Church of the Assumption of Mary. A business that has survived by the 20 families who passed it down from generation to generation. A 12€ fee is round trip and worth the time. When visiting the church, locals believe that by ringing the bells your dreams will come true.
Exploring it on a bike
Bring your bike, or rent one from us, Bled and its surrounding countryside is a bike rider’s dream. The gentle 6km ride around the lake is paved and wide to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists. You may find many cycle friendly routes from Bled to the nearby villages where you can enjoy the stunning scenery.
Vintgar Gorge
A must do day trip from Bled is the five kilometer up-hill hike north to Vintgar Gorge, one of the most beautiful spots in Slovenia. Here, the River Radovna cuts through sheer limestone cliffs creating intense rapids and waterfalls. A wooden walkway criss-crosses the river for 1.6km’s allowing views of the colorful water and the rugged gorge, a true testament of the forces of nature. Entrance to the gorge is €4, and it takes about 45 minutes to reach the end of it, which is marked by a spectacular waterfall.
Straza Hill

Straža is a 634-metre hill very close to our house. A chairlift takes you to its peak, from where breathtaking views of the lake, the castle and the surrounding mountains unfold. The beautiful forest on top of Straža Hill is the setting of the Bled Adventure Park, where you can enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities in the great outdoors.
For an additional rush of adrenaline, the summer tobogganing track takes you back to the valley. The Bled Adventure Park operates from April to October, while the Straža Hill becomes a ski slope when the snow descends in winter.

Golf Course
Situated 2 km east of Bled on a plateau, 60 m above the Sava river canyon, Bled Golf Course is renowned as one of the most beautiful in Europe. The season runs from March to December. The truly beautiful backdrop with the high Karavanke mountains in the north and the sharp – ridged julian Alps with Triglav in the western horizon, will ensure the greatest pleasure and an unforgettable experience for golfers. The extremly pleasant climate permits a golf season from spring to late autumn.